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What exactly is Dev Ops?

DevOps is a process and culture that helps and promotes the faster deployment of code to the production in an automated way through better collaboration between development and operations teams. Clear from its name; it’s a combination of words Dev and Ops.

DevOps helps the…

Are you a company or business owner? Does your business actually need chatbots?

At the current times, we can easily observe how companies are desperate to develop and use chatbots!

The reply to this above-raised question is based upon the company you owe and how crazily you’re droved by technology…

Creating an effective e-commerce website is not as simple as it seems.

In any project, there are a large number of aspects to think about, from consumer experience to functionality. Development of any business site is a large scale, complicated procedure, however an eCommerce website presents its own particular challenges.

As stated by the U.S. Small Business Administration, online businesses are growing considerably faster than conventional physical shops.

It does makes sense to your right ?

Local retail stores, DIY craft manufacturers, as well as bloggers are beginning to market their product and services on the internet.

Among other items…

Looking for the best eCommerce platform for your shop? It is a major choice, and one that is going to have a really long-term impact on your company and entrepreneurial journey.

Additionally, it is a really challenging choice, with a great deal of different factors to take into account. …

Bad habits are tough to break and much tougher if you do not realize what you are doing is endangering your own work. If you understand but do not care that is the even worse. But you are here, are not you?

As a developer, I have seen a great…

Asad Ali

Entrepreneur, SAAS Founder, Full Stack Developer, Technologist, Computer Scientist. Founder at and CTO at ZTABS

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